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A Command Line for the Web

Start sending stuff with your address bar today
Paste any of the following into the address bar of Any browser....(where "xxx" is your username):

Send yourself a link to something you are reading right now:

...And the link to that story gets emailed to you (or texted if that's how you have configured).

Send to your Email or TEXT a PIC from Any image on the net:

...And the image gets emailed (with attachment) OR Text-Messaged (SMS) to you. Set it up inside your account.

Out of milk? Send your email or text a note in about 2 nanoseconds:

...And the note you typed gets emailed to you.

Put the words "From: name" in the subject line of the email:

...sends you a link, a note, And...puts a "From: Bob" in the subject line. ("space-dash-space-word" at the end)

Have a .jpg-.gif-or-.png on your computer and want to send it just like above 'net example:

...And it takes you to a screen where you can drop in your image, and send it.

Tweet from your address bar: (putting image url after text will post it Embedded)

...posts to your Twitter page without you ever giving us your Twitter password. Just "drop in a /t". No "slash t" sends a Regular if you add a "slash t" it will update your twitter page. Also Tweet images!

Twitter # sign works via hack (and post to Facebook if you want) just typing the word "hash", you create a # sign. In this instance, we are using Selective Twitter to post to Facebook by putting a "#fb" at the end of our tweet.

Include a custom subject line for emails:

...Sends you an email with attachment of the pic with a note And custom subject line (we just shortened the image url, you can use a real image link if you prefer)

Create a Bookmarklet for PC, Mac, IPhone, Blackberry (Opera Mini), etc:

...Lets you send current page by "Seeing a page" then...."Selecting a bookmark". Just change the "XXX" to your username.

CC Multiple Recipients. Up to Five additional:

...Sends your futz to users "xxx" "yyy" and "zzz", if they were real accounts.

Double-Space creates a new paragraph

...Would put "command line app" in a new paragraph in the email sent to you.

Send futz using custom SMTP instead of originating from [email protected]

...Would send the futz to user "xxx" as originating from your Own email address (see portal login for setup instructions).

PUBLIC TOOL #1: Whois Free Domain name checking tool

...Will check any domain name you want in near real time! You don't have to worry about us pre-registering it like Netsol does!

Post to Google Buzz

...Will post the image plus "bla" or whatever text you put in front of it to your buzz account on google. Login to turn it on. BETA. No reporting yet.

Send futzes from your iPad

...Will send a futz from your iPad. Since there is no spacebar on the input screen, just use a ":" instead. That's it. Simple.

Public futzes

...Will post the futz to xxx's homepage: These futzes are not emailed, just posted. Note the "/p" that causes this.

Public futz Retrieval via WGET/CURL

...Would pull the second public futz from your public page of Also works with a space instead of colon where your client allows.

Torrent Staging

...Will post a torrent's page (not torrent file) from TPB, Demonoid, KickAss, or ISOHunt to your public page. You can then "suck off" the .torrent using uTorrent OR rTorrent-rssdler OR FlexGet and it will disappear from your public page. MAKE SURE YOU SET as your rss page. So... is your public page and is the RSS Feed you put into uTorrent.

PUBLIC TOOL #2: URL Shortener (using Google)

...Will create a short URL without having to visit any site first.

SMS (text message) override

...Will text you the word MESSAGE so long as you have a cell phone number entered (generally) in the portal. Works Great with the Android app "Where's my Droid".

PUBLIC TOOL #3: Airplane Tail Number Checker

...Will forward you to a service that shows you information about a particular aircraft. Use it a lot and we'll make it better.

PUBLIC TOOL #4: IP Address Lookup at ARIN

...Will forward you to ARIN's lookup. Also, tip: "" will also work as long as this is all we're doing with IP addresses. Use it a lot and we'll make it better.

Track Packages

...Will post the tracking number (example) 9200199999977901171191 to your Public page so you can check it by going to (where xxx is your username). Works with FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Whatever you send from your address bar either goes to your cell phone or email or public page (depends how you set it up).

Makes life Easier. Links, Text, Images....Sent to your email and/or cell phone or public page. All from your browser's address bar.

No more futzing around!