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futz.me : Frequently Asked Questions

What can I send myself from the address bar?

Notes (text), Links to webpages, Pictures, and Tweets from the web. And pics from your desktop too. And have them sent to your email and/or cell phone via text message (SMS). All Without logging in to any site first.

Can I really send a picture from my IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari address bar to my cell phone as an IMAGE?

Yes. As long as your mobile carrier supports emailing pictures (called MMS). We use this with Verizon all day long. If you have a problem receiving messages though please let us know and we will try to help you.

Is everything with futz.me done in the address bar of my browser?

Yes, and you don't have to log into Anything to make it work. Just past "futz.me/username " in front of whatever you'd like to send. Don't forget though, you need to make sure your receive preferences are correct (meaning, do you want your pictures emailed or text'ed, etc.)

How do I know if I will receive an email or text message for each thing I could possibly send?

Log in and configure it.

Is futz.me totally free?


Why is this service free?

We're going to push ads on the webpages and inside the alerts you send yourself (without giving your information to Anyone). And Text Message ads are Only inside the alert you send....not separate messages.

Will you sell my personal information?

NO NEVER. We hate spam as much as you do. We aren't a marketing company, although we'd like to push some ads. We have other business productivity tools we hope to push partially using a wide-adoption of futz.me, that's it. Nothing sinister. So...NO, we will not sell your personal information. We will put up ads, and maybe even ads based on sex or birthdate but never ever ever your personal information.

Explain the ads I see. Do advertisers ever get my personal information?

NO. See last question. All ads are standard web-ads and SMS ads (inside your alerts only, not separate messages). Nothing else. We really don't care who you are as long as you don't do anything illegal or break anything.

Do I need an "http://" in front of what I want to send?

No, and you don't need a "www" either. Just paste "futz.me/username " (that's futz.me-slash-your_username-SPACE) in front of anything you want to send yourself. That's it.

Does "https://" work with futz.me?

Yes. Just drop an "https://" in front of your futz.me alert like this: "https://futz.me/username ". Remember, when using standard http, you don't need to paste anything in front.

How are messages sent via text message to my phone?

This service is free so we are not using an SMS gateway at this time. We use your carrier's text (SMS) and picture (MMS) email addresses. We may implement an SMS gateway in the future, which will increase functionality but for now we send them the old fashioned way.

Do you send separate text message ads?


What if I have a problem getting text messages?

We might have your carrier's email incorrect. Send us anything you'd like to implement. Send to help@futz.me. And if anyone figures out how to SMS using Google Voice let us know. We'll put it up.

Will I incur any charges from my cell phone provider to receive a text?

Remember, you can receive the "stuff" you send Either via email OR text message (SMS). So, If you are charged for SMS (text messages) by your provider, then yes. But you aren't charged anything by us AND...If you aren't charged for your text messages normally you probably have nothing to worry about. All we are doing (in the case of text message receipt) is sending you a standard text message. The beauty is that you can do it easily, from your browser....but it's just a text message.

What other cool things can I do with futz.me?

We are planning some neat stuff. Switches, formats, gateways, etc. Check out our Twitter page for now for updates. We'll make a changelog or something eventually but Twitter is pretty useful for update-type stuff at this stage.

How can I use futz.me on the iPad, iPhone and Blackberry with no spacebar?

Just use a colon (:) instead of a space. So "futz.me/xxx:I:like:Mike" is the same as "futz.me/xxx I like Mike"

What are the custom smtp settings for Gmail?

SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com, PORT: 587, Always Use SSL: YES

What are the custom smtp settings for Yahoo?

Yahoo Standard: SMTP Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com, PORT: 25, Always Use SSL: NO
Yahoo Plus: SMTP Server: plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com, PORT: 465, Always Use SSL: YES

How does custom SMTP (sending futzes from my personal email address) work?

Very simply, and straight-forward, nothing tricky. You put in your SMTP settings under the settings tab once you've logged in to futz.me. Then, go to the configuration tab and choose to have futzes "from this computer" originate from your personal email address (you can then log out forever if you'd like). That's it. What we do....is set an Anonymous cookie with a hex code on your pc...so you can do this from work, or whereever. Every time a futz is sent, it checks to see if you have the cookie set, and matches it against a database on our side for anyone matching that anonymous cookie. Just don't forget if you're only a public computer to kill the cookies before you leave or everyone's futz will come from you. But don't worry...we NEVER store your email address, or email settings, or Anything locally on Any computer.

How do I contact futz.me?

email: help(at)futz.me
We check it all the time.

How do I turn off futz.me's access to twitter once I set it up?

Easy. Just log in to twitter.com (using your twitter username/password). Then click on "Settings". Then click on "Connections"....and then click on "Revoke Access" across from the futz.me icon.

How does the Chrome Extension work?

The Chrome extension has been disabled until further notice. It was a beautiful before-its-time websocket "system" but no one used it and it took up several servers so we just took it down, and kind of regret it.

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